Problems with the thrust levers

  • Hello IPACS

    I fly with VR glasses and controller.

    Unfortunately,Ihave noticed that after the last updates, the operation of the thrust lever ( CRJ 900 / A320) no longer works properly.

    Depending on where you touch the controller, the thrust levers jump back and forth.

    So it is hardly possible a proper landing approach managed without the thrust levers jumping forwards or backwards individually.

    Maybe it is possible for you to get to the bottom of the matter and change the problem.

    Thank you very much for your effort.

  • Hello IPACS

    Unfortunately,Ihave to come back to the fact that the operation of the thrust levers with the controllers does not work well.

    I switched off everything that is possible, but depending on where you put your hands the levers jump forwards or backwards.

    It is hardly possible to push both levers forwards or backwards at the same time with the controller.

    Please can you check if this isn‘t a problem in the Programm because I don’t have any more advice.

    If anyone has the same problem , please let me know, thanks