Can you create aircraft specific control configs ?

  • I've just picked up FS4 in the steam sale and I'm starting to get an initial control config set up, but apart from the separate options for Multi Engine planes I can't see a way to create separate profiles for different aircraft with the same number of engine.

    Am I missing something obvious ?


    (Also is there a key command to turn Tobii head tracking on/off or pause it ?)

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  • Almost all aircraft fall into one of four categories: Single engine, twin engine propeller, twin-jet engine and quad-jet-engine aircraft. We also have a helicopter category. These categories allow you to re-use the same configuration for similar aircraft.

    This makes it possible to have one layout for propeller aircraft like the Q400, King Air, Baron 58 and have a different setup for twin jets like the A320, B737, B777, B787, Learjet, etc. And you don't need to switch between profiles, it just works.

    As an example, I have four levers on my throttle quadrant.

    On a twin jet the middle two control my thrust levers, the left one airbrake and the right one flaps.

    On a twin propeller the middle two control power levers, the left one propeller speed and right one flaps.



  • Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Basically, the different settings you mentioned work quite well.

    Unfortunately, two settings for single-engine aircraft override those for multi-engine aircraft:

    - Engine master :(

    - Engine start :(

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