Advice for FS4 installation

  • I’m a long time user of aerofly mobile and now want to install FS4 to my Mac Mini desktop. I haven’t yet used Steam but notice that the Europe scenery addons alone require 160Gb of space. Is it possible to put these addons ( and if possible the main programme ) on an external SSD rather than the Mac HD

    Sorry if this has been discussed before

    Ted (Age 65 but trying to keep the love of flight alive !)

  • I would hope the external SSD would be much faster than an internal HDD. Isn't that what SSD's are all about, SPEED? What have I missed? My wife has bought me a SSD drive for Christmas and I was going to install only Aerofly FS4 and X-Plane 12 on it. If I'm not going to get any speed gain I may as well return it unopened.