ILS Vs PAPI not aligned.

  • Been doing some IFR flying using the flight planning function which is excellent. On approach however and on glideslope the PAPI's are generally showing 4 whites all the way down and following the ILS gives a visual aiming point of mid runway indicating the PAPI's are the more correct of the 2. Once you approach the touchdown area markers (on Glideslope as per the ILS) the ILS indication seems to dive away leaving a very weird final approach segment.

    Airports I've tried this at are ones into which I fly these approaches in the real world so know this is not accurate behaviour:

    Edinburgh (EDI) which gives 4 whites all the way down, Aberdeen (ABZ) 3 whites,1 red, and Dundee (DND) 4 whites.

    Other feedback as follows:

    For dusk night flying (which I love in Aerofly more than any other sim) the AI aircraft have no nav / landing lights, strobes etc, not even a red rotating beacon so are invisible in the dark.

    Also, the visual approach into Edinburgh is stunning in the real world however somewhat spoiled in Aerofly by the lack of the Forth road and rail bridges, same with Dundee where the 2 Tay bridges are missing. Are there any plans to add large bridges as they would improve the experience greatly?

    Otherwise excellent work and look forward to future updates.



  • Lighting for other aircraft, wind turbines, radio towers would be really helpful to all VFR pilots.

    And for objects: bridges as well as light houses are very good landmarks for VFR flying, but seem to be missing as of now.

  • Noticed the same glideslope behaviour elsewhere. There seems to be a general position offset along the runway between the PAPI position / touchdown zone and the point where the glideslope intecepts the runway. Could have to do with runway elevation and might be easy to fix - or not…

  • Interestingly I was flying the ILS09 procedure at EGPN today in AF4. The procedure uses the DND NDB which is located off site and in the real world comes up at 2.6 DME on the IDDE. In AF4 however it comes up at 3 DME so either it or the ILS/DME is 0.4nm from where it should be.

    In order to check I then landed at the airport and parked next to the PAPI's which shows 0.4nm on the DME which would explain why the ILS and PAPI's are so far off. It seems the ILS/DME is positioned half way down the runway rather than at the correct point near the threshold. This is why when flying an ILS it shows 4 whites on the PAPI's all the time...