[Released] USN and USMC Repaints Pack 1 for AF4 F18 Hornet

  • REMOVED from flight-sim.org, No Longer works in Current versions of Aerofly FS4

    Repaint Pack 1 for Aerofly FS4 F18 Hornet

    Supplied as freeware and you use entirely at your own risk. Supplied as is with no guarantee of any kind.

    A collection of repaints for the IPACS Aerofly FS4 F18 Hornet

    Made by MDIvey using the IPACS Paintkit

    This collection of F18 repaints are artistic representations of aircraft flown by the US Navy and US Marine Corps, some in HiViz color schemes and some in the workaday LoViz grey

    installation: If you don't have an f18 folder in your C:\Users\........\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\aircraft ..... directory then create one. The exact path will depend on how your machine is set up but if you're not familiar with installing aircraft repaints into Aerofly FS4 then you should seek advice on the IPACS Aerofly Web site. Once you have a folder "f18" you can extract the repaint folders from the zip file and install them into the f18. Installation and use is entirely at your own risk.

    Released on flight-sim.org

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