[Released] Loadout Options Pack 1 for Aerofly FS4 F18 Hornet

  • Loadout Pack 1 for Aerofly FS4 F-18C Hornet

    Supplied as freeware and you use entirely at your own risk. Supplied as is with no guarantee of any kind.

    Made by MDIvey using the AC3D, and some help from Jan (IPACS Jet-Pack)… Thank you Jan.

    A collection of Loadout options for the IPACS Aerofly FS4 F18 Hornet. They are easily added to any F18 repaint by adding one line of code to the repaints option.tmc file (before starting up the SIM). I’m afraid it’s all very basic and simple, no clever programs to do it for you on the fly. Consider this little bit of work the ground crew setting up your aircraft for your flight.

    The purpose of this addon: I wanted to do some repaints for the F-18C and to add a bit of interest while flying I wanted to add some fuel tanks, wing pylons and inert Air 2 Air missiles (hence the blue paint). Bare in mind Aerofly FS4 is not a combat simulator, nor would I want it to be. However you seldom see these jets flying in the real world with a completely clean configuration. For one thing Jets are thirsty brutes and often need drop tanks to extend there range. All the options are purely visual and I haven’t done anything to make them affect weight and drag. It could be done but I don’t have the time or inclination.


    These instructions assume you are familiar with basic file management and text file editing. Installation and use is entirely at your own risk. Always make a backup before changing anything.

    If you don't have an f18 folder in your C:\Users\........\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\aircraft ..... directory then create one. The exact path will depend on how your machine is set up but if you're not familiar with installing aircraft repaints into Aerofly FS4 then you should seek advice on the IPACS Aerofly Web site.

    Once you have a folder "f18" you can extract the loadout folders from the zip file and install them into the f18. They are essentially repaint folders.

    At this point they are installed but they will not appear on any aircraft. In order for that to happen you need to open each repaints, option.tmc file, in a text editor like notepad and add one line of code… vfa81loviz used below as an example:

    The unedited option tmc file looks like this…

    You need to add the following line of code…


    Where X is the number of the loadout you want to use, thus edited the option.tmc looks thus:

    Save the file and then go into the SIM… that F18 repaint should now appear with the selected loadout. Below is a visual description of what each of the 9 loadouts are:

    Loadout Options:

    The 9 loadouts are made up of various combinations of the following: Wing Pylons, Belly pylon, Belly Tank, Wing Tanks, Sparrow Medium Range AA Missile, and Sidewinder Short Range AA Missile.