• Hi. Thank you Ipacs, for this great simulator!

    I just wonder if it will be a better weather engine coming sooner or later?

    In my opinion it’s time to focus more on that, cause everything else is good enough for me. I’ve been using this sim since the first version, and I think it’s a little strange that the weather engine haven’t evolved more. It just make the flying so much more interesting.

    I don’t need it to be very advanced with super accurate real weather or something. Just something that make the flights more interesting and realistic. Variable wind and turbulence would be great. And maybe a surprising wind shear sometimes. To start with. Cause I know weather is hard to code, especially with dynamic weather. But I don’t expect it that advanced to begin with.

    Good luck in the future with this flight sim, Ipacs

  • Auto-weather based on departure and arrival runways. The winds would be pre-oriented in function of the selected runways. With a certain randomness set by an option. Different clouds amount, different visibilities & different winds randomly defined in function of runways orientations.

    And of course, a clear weather at cruise to appreciate the landscape.

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  • Are these your own wishlist for weather engine functionality, or are these things planned to actually be implemented in further updates? Anyways, that would be a very nice thing to have in the sim :love: If so, I change my favorite sim from X-Plane 12 to Aerofly!

  • Stratus clouds would be nice and could boost performance. Even a simplified solid 8/8ths overcast with just a selectable altitude undemanding top and bottom texture would allow a good cloud break on landing. There are no cute fluffy cumulus clouds between warm and cold fronts so realistically they are frequently literally out of place and they gobble up too much processing in mobile, they shouldn’t be the only clouds in FS4 either.