Grunau Baby IIb for FS4

  • Hi Guys,

    It's almost 4 years since I have published the Baby for Fs2. I had it all the time in mind to convert it to Fs4, but didn't manage yet. Last Saturday a nice fellower asked me about the Baby, so I used the weekend to get it at last done.

    I gave it also a little update:

    -Small fixes to the 3d model and textures

    -Slightly stronger ambient occlusion on the exterior

    -Updated aerodynamics. It should fly a bit more realistic now (I said realistic, not better :D )

    -Clickspots fixed

    -Two new repaints

    The original one is fictive, but pretty much how one would expect a glider from the 30s.

    HB-234 is located at Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The right person knows why I have included it :)

    D-3856 is owned by the Oldtimer Segelflug Club Wasserkuppe (Vintage glider club Wasserkuppe)

    Alright. Here it is: CLICK

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks Kai

    it's always nice to have something new to fly... and I know how much work goes into getting them to that point :)

    I like your sense of humour in naming the "readme.txt" as "do not readme.txt"... a bit of reverse psychology eh! wish I'd thought of it for my models


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