AFS4 with Honeycomb Bravo

  • "Top marks to IPACS for organising their menus to accommodate the Honeycomb gear."

    I made that statement in a post on the NZ Flightsim Forum ( after installing my new Throttle Quad, to my also new AFS4 installation. I still don't like Steam, but that was the only way I could get AFS4.

    I put it together, and plugged it in, and the AFS4 settings menus recognised every axis and button I wanted to assign :) so well done IPACS.

    Only one strange thing, there is now an overlay at the bottom left of the screen, on top of but not part of the Moving Map, and I can't find anything in the main mcf or the controller one to account for it. Seems to be repeating info from the Honeycomb autopilot, and related to VR, which I don't have. I went through all the settings menus but could not see anything to turn it off.

    Any ideas, anyone? The overlay menu at the top right is there, and I really don't need another one.


  • Hi Mike, can you please show us the overlay button in a screenshot?

    Thanks Jan. Screenshot(s) as requested. I dragged the map out to show the new overlay more clearly.

    In General Settings 'Overlay' was set to Hide. Just for fun I set it to 'Show' and another one appeared at bottom right ! The one at top right does what it should, and also closes the new one when I extend it, but I now have six additional overlay buttons which were not there before, even after I returned the Overlay setting to Hide. :/

    Ctrl+F1 does what it should but does not affect the new overlays

    GPU is AMD. Aircraft is the B58



  • Aha! I noticed that the assignments from the previous (Logitech)throttle quad were still visible, but with a yellow line instead of the blue one for the new ones, which I thought was pretty clever. I'll go through and delete the old stuff to avoid that type of clash.

    Many thanks


    PS: All fixed now (40 mins later) 8)

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