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  • I need advice guys.

    Since having great success with just a game controller/keyboard/mouse for MSFS, and with FS4 I'm using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Stick/keyboard/mouse, I'd like to use a game controller instead of the joystick for FS4. Who can suggest the right controller for Aero Fly....? Do I need a controller with paddles on the back.....? Take in mind I fly only the C172, UH-60, EC-135 99% of the time. :/

  • I got a game controller many years ago but never really used it. Can I suggest something else?

    I like something that more resembles the action of the real equipment. My ancient Saitek AV8R joystick is nice for helicopters, it has dual throttles on the rear face moving in a largely vertical arc and they are quite good at mimicking a collective with a twist throttle. The left throttle lever operates as the collective and twisting the throttle pair adjusts the position of the right throttle lever for engine throttle.

    The levers have reversed calibration in the Aerofly helicopter settings so that forwards and down lowers the control input, the opposite of the movement for aeroplanes.

    I also change hands for the helicopters, it is better for muscle memory and flying from the right seat, the cyclic should be in the right hand. I think it helps when switching from aeroplanes to helicopters especially when the throttle levers operate in opposite senses.

  • I won't argue with a joystick suggestion, but I find the Logitech can be a bit jerky. As a YouTube video points out the potentiometers are loose in their perspective cradles (the little ball portion) and there is some jerk in the stick feel because of this. I could get a TCA sidestick again (sold the first one off in a complete Thrustmaster flight package). I just thought using a game controller too for FS4 would be a good idea because I love the way they feel in my hands, and I like the accuracy of the thumb sticks. I had flight controls for MSFS too but sold them off as well. I just found having all those peripherals took up space and were just in my way and frankly I don't like using rudder pedals. Less is more they say. My only concern is buying another game controller (Razer, TM, TB, MS) and having it not supported by FS4. :/

  • I fly with my FS4 mainly the Q400 as well as the EC135 and now the UH-60. Especially for flying helicopters I love realism controllers and have therefore now bought the PTF PUMA X - for me me just great.

    But if I want to fly only "so from the hand" and with the mobile versions FS2022 and FS2023 I use a gamepad, the NIMBUS STEELMASTER. And there I use the paddles just for helicopter flying, because that increases the fun for me significantly.

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


    - MacBook Pro (16", 2021); Chip: Apple M1 Max; actual macOS || Thrustmaster TCA AIRBUS EDITION: 1x Sidestick, 2x Quadrant, 2x Quadrant Add-On || Pro-Flight-Trainer PUMA X

    - iPad (12,9", 4th Generation); actual iOS || nimbus steelseries

  • I was under the impressions that nowadays the sticks, buttons, triggers and d-pads on any Gamepad are more or less the same type and number? So essentially as long as the controller mapping makes you happy, you can choose any Gamepad?

    Over on DCS there was a guy who went all in on the Gamepad issue:…ts-for-dcs-world-modules/

  • But if I want to fly only "so from the hand" and with the mobile versions FS2022 and FS2023 I use a gamepad, the NIMBUS STEELMASTER. And there I use the paddles just for helicopter flying, because that increases the fun for me significantly.

    That's in the works here, mobile Aero Fly ("from the hand"). I really like what I'm seeing with the STEAM Deck mobile console. Just waiting to see if it comes up on the Best Buy website. I'm patient.

  • If you are on the desktop platform, I would suggest considering a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Elite Series 2. It's not cheap, but one of the main advantages is four additional paddles at the bottom of the controller. By default, they double the four buttons on top, but with a 3rd party software called reWASD, you can map any keyboard key to them. I have aileron and elevator trim on these paddles and its great! There are a lot of other options, too.

    Apart from that, the controller has a premium touch and feel to it, changable sticks and you can even adjust the sensitivity/strength of the stick (within limits).

    Strongly recommended for Aerofly, if you don't want or can't the more realistic hardware.


  • MS Elite Gamepads are really top notch. But the price tag is in the same ball park as a VKB Gladiator NXT Evo, which is a single joystick with almost anything you wish for in a single flight stick. It just boils down to your desk space, given a Gamepad can be held in your hands while a joystick has to stand on your desk.

  • "MadPat":

    I tried setting up a controller yesterday (20th Anniversary Xbox controller) but for some reason It didn't work. Mapping turned out to be a mess, and I did everything right (obviously I mapped my current Logitech and the TM controls I had), I can't figure it out. I like the Elite controller, the paddles could be set up for the prop and mixtures. With MSFS I didn't have to map anything with the controller, there is a default profile. I just had to figure out what button did what and away I went. I just love the controller for that SIM. Using a controller teaches you to be more precise and pay attention more, especially when it comes to setting up for a landing.


    That VKB is nice stuff, I was perusing their website yesterday. The prices aren't that bad either. Well within my budget. Desk space is the issue though.

    I'll figure something out gentlemen, I always do. :thumbup: