First impressions FS2023

  • Just wanna say a huge thank you to IPACS for getting the new sim out before Christmas, and what a great job with so much new scenery and new aircraft. Just a few quick questions though: (pictures should be attached)

    1) what are the bars in front of the Concorde’s rear tires for?

    2) I’ve also noticed every single aeroplane has this strange metal shine on it which, albeit is kind of cool, but I’m not a huge fan so far. Any ways to fix this or is it part of the sim’s graphics?

    3) as much as I understand the storage and memory intensity of 3D buildings, why only 2 fairly small structures in downtown Seattle?

    These other ones have been in my mind for a few days so I thought I’d just share them here too:

    1) pt2: SAS and easyJet liveries for the A320?

    2) larger standard fuel capacity for the 320 and LJ45? Flew the Learjet the other day from farnborough and only had enough juice to get as far as Nantes, which really isn’t much (considering it only starts with 1500 kilos onboard I think it needs about 3 times that) Is this ever going to be changed or will it wait til weight and balance becomes a thing?


    (Picture attached for question about Concorde tires and actually shows off the metal shine/reflection thing pretty well too)

  • The bar: Water deflector. the concorde tires were a design fault. bad design…concorde is an engineering design/case study disaster for engineers. i am an engineer. Alot of research went into the design of the tires on the 777, so few wheels. The 777 has highly stressed tires as well but they work. Fewer wheels are not just a problem for aircraft. It is bad for runway design.

    Favourite album: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

    My ride: MB339, B744, Aerofly FS Global, Ipad Pro 2022/11 1TB ipadOS17

    XBox Series X/S wireless controller (model 1914)

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  • Update: Jet-Pack (IPACS) can you take a look at the missions for the Concorde as I started one, then skipped ahead on the map to a short final at Heathrow and it wouldn’t let me spawn in mid air, just sticks you on the runway. HUD also glitches out as per image attached.

    The other photo is also when it went ballistic mid air and just randomly loaded in with the gear extended as I tried to skip ahead to Heathrow.

    Lastly the arrow for some of the missions should be the other way round, the text says JFK to Paris for example and the little arrow on the thumbnail shows it going the other way round.

    Hope some of this can be looked into, other than that I’m really loving the new sim, keep it up guys :)