Rc 8 texture mapping in metasequoia

  • hey guys
    I have a question abt texture mapping in metasequoia
    concerning the mapping, imagine an element in the shape of a cube.
    If the mapping is applied on the 2 faces parallel to the frame. In Aerofly the other faces will be shaded with big black pixels.
    2 possibility:
    1) select 2 faces at once and place the frame perpendicular to these 2 faces. You will therefore have to apply the mapping 3 times on this cube.
    2) position the frame at 45° X and Y. so that all faces are correctly mapped. But, the positioning of the cube in the image is more difficult to achieve.

    This is smth jpaira told me
    He told to ask the internet for help
    He showed me to concept on a cube i get that
    COuld any explain how i would have to do it on a plane