[Bugs] AFS 2023 blurry/pixelated interface and game elements, among other issues

  • Hello,

    I created a ticket for this (which was closed) but seeing as my account was finally activated and there is an official bug tracker now, I thought I should make a separate thread to report these issues per the instructions in the bug tracker thread.

    The first major issue I've found is that AFS 2023 runs in a lower resolution. It is probably running at about 75-80% of my device's native resolution and as such the interface, aircraft, game elements, scenery, etc., appears blurry and pixelated. Even the FPS counter is lower quality, so the issue is not simply with the textures. Speaking of textures, the A320's cockpit textures have been significantly downgraded in quality such that you cannot even make out the labels. The screenshots I took may be helpful, although I understand that it may be difficult to make out the difference. Enabling the frame limiter does not help.

    I also noticed the following minor bugs, where items 1 and 2 are also present on AFS 2022:

    1. When using the Time Skip option, the cruise altitude is reset to an arbitrary value, regardless of what was inputted into the FMS and in the Aerofly UI. For instance, after using the Time Skip feature on a flight, the cruise altitude changed from FL360 to FL390, and then increased by 1,000 with each subsequent use of the Time Skip feature up to FL440, at which point the aircraft began to stall. This reset the altitude in the FMS and Aerofly UI.
    2. The captain's altimeter dial on the B777 doesn't make any noise when it's turned. However, the dial on the backup attitude indicator and the F/O's dial emits sound.
    3. AFS 2023 no longer respects the Apple Silent Mode toggle/mute switch.
    4. The autoland systems on the A320 and B777 (and potentially others) now float the aircraft halfway down the runway and then slam it into the pavement.

    Is anyone else encountering the resolution issue (or the other issues) or is it just me? Advice would be appreciated.

    iPad Air (5th generation, 2022, WLAN only, 256GB)

    iPadOS 16.2 (20C65)

    Aerofly FS 2023 20.23.08

    Aerofly FS 2022 20.22.17

    A320 cockpit (2022)

    A320 cockpit (2023)

    FPS counter (2022)

    FPS counter (2023)

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  • I think the resolution issue is because of you're device or just all apple products in general since we android users see everything clear

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    Changed the title of the thread from “[Bugs] Lower resolution on AFS 2023 compared to AFS 2022 (and previous?)” to “[Bugs] AFS 2023 blurry/pixelated interface and game elements, among other issues”.
  • Same happened when fs2022 came out last year: there are texture reductions dependent on specific Apple devices.

    When fs2022 came out these reductions were too aggressive and resulted in near-unreadable cockpits on last gen and last-last gen iphones.

    After some conversations with Ipacs they released an update preserving texture quality on my Iphone 11 and 2017 Ipad.

    Maybe it’s something similar this year too

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