• Hi and I would like to congratulate IPACS on the release of FS 2023.

    Yippee flight sim season !!!

    Is it just me but at some angles the aircraft look a bit soft compared with FS 2022, but the shiny side looks cool.

    We as user’s get asked for future update suggestions, which aircraft etc. There is one thing I’d like to see is the existing aircraft improved to the level of the A320 which is nothing short of amazing.

    I would like to see the B787/10 EFB improved and being able to hear the APU running from external views etc.

    As for the Blackhawk and the Concord things look very exciting ++++

    This is my first post in good while and I’m looking forward to where FS 2023 goes from here.!!

    P.S Can I use a PS4 DualShock with my IPad ???