Aerofly fs2023 and incompatibility with samsung game launcher after update.

  • Hello,i just uninstalled and updated to the latest version of aerofly fs2023 and now my samsung game launcher and booster couldn't identify aerofly as a game.My Fps had fallen drastically without the game booster making the game almost impossible to play.I think the reason is because the game falls under the "simulation" genre only,and the game launcher is unable to identify it as a game.The previous version for fs2023 works well with the game launcher/booster because the game was listed under "top paid in simulation" along with other games.Can you please fix it by listing the game under the "flight simulation"genre like all the previous versions of aerofly? Thanks

  • Olá, acabei de desinstalar e atualizar para a versão mais recente do aerofly fs2023 e agora meu samsung game launcher e booster não conseguiu identificar o aerofly como um jogo. Meu Fps caiu drasticamente sem o game booster, tornando o jogo quase impossível de jogar. o motivo é que o jogo se enquadra apenas no gênero "simulação" e o iniciador do jogo não consegue identificá-lo como um jogo. em simulação" junto com outros jogos. Você pode corrigi-lo listando o jogo no gênero "simulação de vôo" como todas as versões anteriores do aerofly? Obrigado

    Aerofly is not a game but a flight simulator. At least here with me, this problem that is occurring with you did not occur. On my device everything is ok with the Aerofly 2023.

  • I installed the latest today, and it works with Game Booster.

    Now that I'm on OneUI 5, I have now got "Game Booster Plus", which has plugins. There are a few extra elements with this, including a new edge bar to access the booster interface during game play. I have the mode set to "High Quality".

    It all seems to work well on my S20FE, and FS 2023 runs fairly smoothly. It is not getting as hot as FS 2022 did.

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