Shiny Aircraft Textures/Scenery

  • I’ve seen some criticism about the shininess of the planes. I have to say that I like it and I appreciate the developer’s effort in this area. In previous editions the aircraft textures looked exactly like a glossy magazine cover and did not look real at all. This is a big step in the right direction and while it may not be perfect, the planes look much better and I am thankful to IPACS for this!

    *Side note: I’m also please to have many more areas of the world that have higher resolution scenery. I generally have stuck to flying in England, California, and Switzerland in the past because blurry textures totally ruin the immersion for me. I’m so grateful to have more places to fly that look so much better!

    Aerofly 2023 is a huge step up! Thank you IPACS!

  • I will say that during mid-day the aircraft's shininess and textures look a bit off, likely due to a lack of contrast. The engines and wing are great.

    But during the evening and morning, they are all perfect. Overall, FS 2023's textures are a massive improvement compared to FS 2022. And the new silver section of the engines is stunning.