Adreno 650 GPU

  • Good Morning. I'm going to buy a device with more powerful hardware than my Galaxy M51. The device I'm going to buy is a Galaxy S20 FE equipped with Snapdragon 865 and Adreno 650 GPU. Can you tell me if this GPU supports the vulkan renderer? Thanks.

  • Não testamos este dispositivo. Os únicos dispositivos que testamos e podem usar o renderizador Vulkan são o Google Pixel 6 e 7.

    Can you tell me if vulkan will work on a device equipped with Adreno 650 GPU? I need to know which device supports vulkan so I don't regret after buying the equipment. It will be a tremendous loss for me to change my device for a more powerful device and realize that the lights on the planes will not work. I need a device in which the lights of the planes work. My M51 doesn't support vulkan and that's why I'm thinking of buying another cell phone.

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    Again, in the Android world we can't tell you more besides what we said previously. We only tested the Google Pixel 6. On Apple devices, we have very good Vulkan support, this is mostly due to the fact that only one developer ( Apple ) is responsible and only a small number of device variations exist.