FS4 is a great improvement over FS2

  • I just wanted (a bit late) to say thank you to IPACS for releasing FS4 for PC despite the strong competition. In my opinion it is a really good improvement over its predecessor, FS2. VR framerates are smooth as always, loading times are still very fast. And the flight physics are also still the best of all flight sims, I noticed that the Extra 330 was even improved compared to FS2. It has more power on the vertical up lines, which comes closer to the real 330, it also flies nicer stall turns than before. And I can finally practice in all the real life acro boxes with stock scenery, nice! Flying the Concorde in smooth VR makes a childhood dream come true.

    My future wishlist is now very short: Multiplayer for formation flight and maybe improved water looks and more weather options (rain etc.) would be nice.

    All in all I am very happy.

    Kind regards and merry christmas,




  • For me water reflections are rather important. As a non-GPS VFR pilot water is one of the most helpful terrain features to guess your position. In AFS4 it is rather hard to see if you are looking at a lake or dark terrain. My last adventures in Sweden and Scotland left my slightly underwhelmed (and disoriented) looking at famous Lochs and skerries rendered as dark patches of terrain.