Flight-Sim.org needs Help

  • Hello downloaders,

    Over the past few years you have enjoyed all the wonderful additional images and scenery on flight-sim.org. And this completely free of charge.

    This has only been possible with the help of Higgy, who runs flight-sim.org. As you can imagine, the rental costs for server and hard disk space add up quite a lot.

    But thanks to even more sceneries, the rented space is now used up. To make room for more sceneries, additional space must now be rented.

    This is only possible if users donate some money to raise $ 113 (=EUR).

    Otherwise, no more sceneries can be uploaded!

    If you want to help, please use the donation function

    Spende hinzufügen - Flight-Sim.org

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • The Hawaiian Islands FS2 addon has given me more joy than any 30euro FS2 DLC I ever bought. So, that's what I've sent you Higgy. Cheers mate and Happy 2023!

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  • If the problem can be solved with such a small amount nothing should be deleted.



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