Flying With PS4 DualShock Controller.

  • I’ve been flying Aerofly Mobile version since 2015. Until FS2022 I’ve always used tilt flying but since FS2023 I’ve tried using a PS4 DualShock controller and for me it’s like having a brand new mobile Sim.

    Can anyone recommend a better Bluetooth controller either pad or joystick.

    I don’t know if there are plans to improve this method of control but I’ve got a couple of observations.

    1. The sensitivity of the flight control stick is far to high and I don’t know of a way to change this. I’ve tried in settings but nothing changes.

    2. The throttle response is way to slow as it takes 11 seconds to to get from idle to full throttle on the Concord (excellent aircraft) using the game pad

    3. Could do with a throttle bar overlay as with tilt or analog as there is no throttle reference other than HUD view when looking forward.

    I don’t know if IPACS have any intention of improving this flight method using game pad/ joystick but for me this method is far more immersive using pad + touchscreen than using tilt or analog.

    Just my thoughts, hope this helps …👍😜

    PS To all flyers if you can give this method a go it’s awesome 👍😜