Cant grab the yoke in VR !?

  • i play aerofly fs4 with the valve index .

    i can press buttons and switches in th cockpit no poblem.

    i can grab the throttles also just the yoke is not function i cant grab it .

    just can steer the plane with the thumbsticks .

    i already switched to the beta but nothing changed.

    please help

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    Please ensure you have the default VR input bindings activated when using Aerofly FS 4.

    Also, ensure you are not in the beta channel.

    If you touch the VR Index controller grip, the finger should form a fist. Is that the case on your side?

  • how do i set the default VR input bindings ?

    the controller grip does nothing i can just press the trigger for buttons , switches,throttle.

    no fist possible

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    In the SteamVR app right click in the small windows and choose 'Settings'.

    Then in the following window choose the tab 'Controllers'.

    Next, click on 'Manage Controller Bindings'.

    Then in the window 'Manage Controller Bindings For', choose 'Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator' and then click on 'Default'.

    After that the grip should work properly.