cold and dark more realistic

  • cold and dark of the plane could be more realistic, when selecting this option to turn on the aircraft from scratch, it always comes with several important systems already selected in AUTO or already turned on, there could be a more realistic option for those who know aviation, and turning on it's completely from scratch with all systems off, like in real life. A very good suggestion in my view, if it is not possible in the future, I understand, since the team's work has been very good on this 2023 aerofly with a very relevant optimization in question to the 2022 aerofly, which was very heavy. Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Quais aeronaves e sistemas de aeronaves específicos você tem em mente?

    In general, the air conditioning packs on all planes, I currently only bought the Concorde package, soon I will buy the other planes, and I have all regions, on the 777-300 hydraulic, electrical and air conditioning packs, on the 787- 10 electrical system, packs, on the a320 too, I think you should have to connect the hydraulic, electrical, and packs system from scratch, it would be very good, and on the outside, a functional hold option (hold) on the fmc and fmgs, very good for losing speed or altitude on chart and waypoint restrictions. On the new 737-800 that will come, I'm a big fan of this aircraft, being able to start it from scratch would be great.

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  • Je demandais un tuto pour les débutants pour le démarrage cold and dark au parking

    également pour le push back quelles sont les commandes sur le tableau de bord ou demande à la tour de contrôle ?

    Pour les taxis way c'est un peu la même chose on suit un peu au pif quand c'est allumé !! et donc pas de procédure avec la tour de contrôle !?

    Avec ma souris je ne peux pas modifier le cap, l'altitude , la pente montée et descente quand je désactive l'auto pilot ou pas !sur tous les bi et quadri réacteurs ?!!