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  • I just received the latest update from Aerofly and I had two doubts about what came with it. The first is regarding bug fixes when enabling/disabling frame rate limiting. The second question is about correcting the incorrect posting of landmarks. What do these two bugs that were fixed really mean?

  • admin  Jet-Pack (IPACS) Please stop deleting my comments here on the forum. Remember that I am a customer who has been investing a lot of money in the simulator, in addition to praising the team and encouraging others to buy the simulator without resorting to piracy. This act of deleting my comments here on the forum represents contempt and a very hostile treatment towards me that seeks to value your work.

  • @ Beto McFly : Por favor, não duplique post ou inunde o fórum com postagens repetitivas. Além de postar aqui você também enviou e-mails. Uma maneira é suficiente, obrigado. As correções de bugs mencionadas podem não afetar seu dispositivo. Se os pontos de referência estiverem visíveis ou o FS não travar, você não será afetado.

    admin OK. Understood. From today I will no longer do those repeated posts you mentioned. Now I just ask you to stop this hostile treatment of coming here to delete my comments. I was respectfully debating the fuel consumption issue of the Learjet and Dash Q400 with other users when you and the other moderator deleted my comments in what I understand to be hostile treatment and an attempt at censorship. Since you guys refuse to fix the fuel consumption issue on the Learjet and Dash Q400 I will not be mentioning this issue any further here on the forum as I assume this is why you are deleting my comments here. This is extremely unpleasant and an act of hostility and disapproval by both of you towards me. Also pass this message on to GU who is another moderator who keeps censoring me here on the forum.

    • Official Post

    We have mentioned multiple times that the fuel consumption is not yet fully implemented and it is also not easy to fix quickly as it's still work in progress. So there is no point in mentioning it over again. We are neither hostile or censor you, but like we said, multiple postings with the same topic or flooding the forum with repetitive messages is something we moderate.