747 rework/update?

  • It seems like all of the posts here are rework/update/feature/bug posts so I hate to add to the mess, but this is something that I think would be in theory less work than adding a whole new aircraft and an update that would be greatly appreciated (which is of course not to say that I do not already greatly appreciate your work in making the best mobile flight simulator!).

    Certainly, the 747 is one of the more–if not the most–iconic aircraft to ever fly. However, in-game it has some minor issues that prevent me from enjoying it to the fullest:


    1. The A/P status on the PFD is represented incorrectly:
    2. The FPV button is missing:
    3. Multiple elements are very low-resolution, such as the A/P numbers (?):

    4. The PA selector module has some attribution on it rather than an interactive display:
    5. Finally, the camera angle/zoom is rather awkward. Attempting to look at the overhead panel from default zoom gives you an extremely zoomed in view, to the point where one single panel takes up the whole screen. Attempting to look further back (for instance to interactive with the emergency lights) results in the camera flipping around and looking towards the flight deck door.


    1. This one’s pretty simple. The colors on the British Airways and Delta Airlines liveries are extremely desaturation/washed out. See the BA 747 paired with the BA 777 for reference:
    1. There is zero interior lighting. Flying this aircraft at night gives you a pitch black experience:


    1. The engines sound absolutely nothing like the 747. Hearing them without context I probably wouldn’t even know they were supposed to be plane sounds. They don’t seem to have been changed from AFS 2 Mobile.
    2. There are only two “passenger” views. Not an issue, but all of the older aircraft that haven’t been recently added or updated also only have two views.
  • 747, is in good condition, everything is ok on the aircraft, no need for this.

  • In my opinion the quality of this plane is excellent. I've done several flights on it without any problems. There is no need to mess with this plane. He's already fine the way he is. I don't see anything wrong with my flights on the 747-400. Let the developers work on new features for the Aerofly like the pushback and the Boeing 737-800 and 737 Max planes.

  • I was actually going to ask about this because similar to what OP mentions, the BA version in particular never came with GE CF6s, rather only the Rolls Royce RB211s. Same with the 787, BA only operate Trent 1000s. Perhaps a sound update and engine redesign for some airlines is needed.