Maps zip file

  • Olá, aos membros do fórum e aos criadores e funcionários do belo jogo aerofly. Estou baixando um novo mapa no meu celular. É muito longo e demorado. É possível baixar o arquivo do mapa em um pequeno arquivo zip?

    No Aerofly maps can be downloaded in zip format. The file format is TME. As for the difficulties in downloading the maps, the problem may be in your internet connection or lack of memory in your device's internal storage. Weak internet is the main reason why maps don't download.

  • Hello my friend, thank you for your reply. The download of the map of Los Angeles was successfully completed last night. But I have another question. In the mobile version, is it possible to land on an aircraft carrier, for example, near the coast of San Diego or Los Angeles?

  • Olá meu amigo, obrigado pela resposta. O download do mapa de Los Angeles foi concluído com sucesso ontem à noite. Mas eu tenho outra pergunta. Na versão móvel, é possível pousar em um porta-aviões, por exemplo, perto da costa de San Diego ou Los Angeles?

    Aircraft carrier is an item that was never added in any of the mobile versions of Aerofly. You can find helipads which are small landing strips for helicopters delimited by a circle with the letter H in the middle. But Aircraft Carrier does not and never did exist in the Aerofly mobile version. Maybe it might exist in the PC version but not sure. I only use the mobile version of the simulator.