Yellow approach boxes turn off

  • Just moved from xplane mobile to Aerofly 2023. Love things so far, but have two questions.

    1)how do I turn off the yellow approach boxes close to airports (mobile version)

    2) I'm perplexed at the lack of fuel modelling. Is the reduction of fuel weight actually modelled ? (Ie increased performance when lighter) or not? I understand currently you cannot run out of fuel.


  • 1) in the settings there is an option to switch between approach guides off, active and all.

    2) Fuel use is not yet simulated and there is no option to adjust the payload or cargo masses yet. All aircraft are currently set up in such a way that they are below maximum allowed landing weight.

    When we eventually add this we probably will also add an option to make fuel infinite or rather have the engines consume zero fuel from the tanks. Some people, including me, would love to keep flying the F18 at full afterburner for longer than 15 minutes at a time without running out of fuel for example.