Rectangular graphical artifact that moves with headset orientation

  • Hi,

    There are two rectangular dark patches (like a shadow) that move as I move my head.

    The two rectangles are I think 180 degrees from each other. If I'm flying at right angles to them then I don't notice them so much, but sometimes they are in front of me.

    I have uploaded two images showing this rectangular artifact.

    The first shows a rectangle clearly. The second shows the rectangle in the distance where the runway is (not so noticable in this image, but it does move rapidly as I turn my head - even small head movements, and is distracting).

    Altitude might affect how the rectangles are shown.

    I've noticed these for several months now.

    Hopefully you can fix them.

    I'm using the Vulkan Engine.

    Aerofly FS 2/4 is the best flight sim for VR in my opinion.

    Looking forward to future updates in scenery resolution :)


  • I get these too sometimes but Im not using VR. I posted awhile back about this same issue. As it was put to me, it has something to do with video card memory if I recall. I only have a GTX 1660 SUPER card with 6g's of GDDR6 VRAM, Im borderline on running the SIM. I run everything on low to medium but still get those black moving patches.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super, which should be more than enough.

    Other than SSDs, the rest of my PC is one I built in 2016 (was very good then) so perhaps my CPU is underpowered? (Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz).

    Originally I had an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, which ran Aerofly FS 2 ok.

    Using Oculus Rift-S.

  • perhaps my CPU is underpowered? (Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz).

    No your ok.

    I'm running a Lenovo T5 i7 10700 8 core @ 2.9ghrtz and I run the SIM fine. I just can't run the quality settings in "high" or "ultra". I'm okay with "medium" or "low" settings. However I do have the trees on "high", buildings on "medium", everything else is "low" and I'm having no issues with that.

  • Thanks for the info :thumbup:

    I've been running with quality settings on high. I'll try putting them to medium next time I play.

    I also have trees on high and buildings on medium.

    Your welcome sir ;) :thumbup:

    Its a fine balance between, trees, buildings, textures, clouds, wind, etc. I still get the black patches but it depends on the camera view I'm looking with. I live with it because its really not that bad. To be privilaged to have such an awesome SIM like Aero Fly, its worth the minor inconvenience. ;) :)

  • I’m using an overclocked i7 and that same GPU for 4K so the load is similar. The PC is GPU limited at 4K so I have overclocked my 2080 super to the maximum using the software overclock scanner with stretching of the voltage/frequency curve as far as it will go. Using the manufacturer’s overclocking software and being heavy with the fan temperature curves I don’t remember Aerofly or other ‘game’ artefacts, if I got a PC crash I turned the GPU software settings down a bit.

    I have no VR so can’t offer any insights but the black scenery boxes are familiar in mobile, if I see that on my iPad pro I know to try and turn down the combinations of settings that stretch even a powerful tablet too far, so weather, time, location, plane, advanced sim settings all need to be backed off a bit.

    The area just south of SFO airport seems to be very prone to showing black ground rectangles in mobile.

  • I had the same issue till I found out that it occurs only with the lowest shadow quality in the graphic quality settings.

    What are your settings? Try it out with middle shadow quality settings.

    Does the issue still occurs?

    That'll be the cause then!

    I was just about to post saying the rectangles are still there even with quality settings on low.

    Last night I played with all the settings, including reducing quality to low.

    I've had shadows on low for some time (to get as high a frame rate as possible).

    I'll put shadows on medium for my next session.

    Thanks :)