make & add scenery for aerofly fs 2021

  • Hi devs,This is my first post on Aerofly's website.I'am a 13 years old boy from China.Thank you for reading this post.I was wondering if there is something to export scenery image textures (.ttc) that are readable when included in the android compressed folder structure(tme.).I did a test yesturday including aerial images of Kunming,China that were downloaded from google map.I used MT manager to place the ttc. files inside the obb file of android aerofly fs 2022(i had already put the global elevation files that i made 3 days ago in the game)When I flew over Kunming,I just saw some colorful blocks on the ground. I was wondering if I can make scenery pictures of my home in this wonderful game.Last of all,thank you for reading this post.That'll make me very happy!My English is not good :)