Window rain effect

  • Window rain effect 22

    The result is only visible to the participants.

    window rain effect

    When the weather forecast goes into effect, the external environment will experience some "fog". But it doesn't really rain.

    This rain effect occurs only in windows.

    - Why do you recommend this approach?

    1. a realistic expression
    2. If it rains outside, it's messy.
    3. In fact, rain in the external environment will degrade performance.

  • I didn't install other flight sims in a for Aerofly 2016 new PC build. While I'm patiently waiting for increasing Aerofly sophistication I thought I'd have another look at my pre Aerofly sims.

    I'm now using steam old FSX with the original PMDG 737-800. I have falling rain and snow streaking past the windows. It has wet reflective water bodies, rain wet runways, taxiways and aprons, a multi mode HUD and a comprehensive functioning FMC/CDU, working audio panels with sounding fan markers and nav aid idents and a sophisticated weather menu with winter snowscapes, all based on a 2006 sim. I don't want FSX opening doors and don't really need detailed FSX airport and road vehicles, I want the view from the pilot seats.

    With nice mist or fog the old FSX scenery looks just fine 8)

    Wet water bodies are present in original PC Aerofly FS.

    Water on the windows would be best minimised or perhaps absent, even with the Cessna there is a really big fan in front of the windscreen.