Provide options for high-performance users

  • Provide options for high-performance users

    "Aeroflys mobile" is a simulation suitable for high-performance devices due to the nature of the simulation.

    It's common sense to use high-performance devices to drive high-quality maps, graphics, physical effects, and realistic interactions.

    In addition, a pad-type display is more suitable for precise interaction.

    However, due to optimization for low-performance users, the beautiful elements and details of the game are gradually disappearing.

    ('aerofly fs mobile' runs smoothly enough even with a 5-year-old device)

    This simulation is constantly evolving, but it also feels like it's degenerating, not evolving.

    Add options for high-performance devices

    To make "aerofly" more powerful,

    Give us a powerful experience.

  • I'm so OK with it. I would also add something like this on desktop (Aerofly FS 4 uses 6 GB RAM leaving 10 GB free, for example X-Plane 12 takes12 GB RAM, maybe it is for rain, water reflections and so on, and it runs smoothly in those conditions). All I mean is that my Mac asks to be charged. And the iPad Pro M1 too. It is very obvious that this model is waiting old devices.

    I fly, therefore I am
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  • I fully agree with your suggestion. One situation that left me very dissatisfied was the fact that they removed the lights from the airports and did not add the option to activate or deactivate the lights, as with the lights on airplanes.

  • Absolutely. I'm still waiting for the city lights before trying night flights.

    I really enjoyed night flying around Denver. City lights make a huge difference to the fun factor. In fact, I would love to see night lights from FL360.

    From a coders point of view I don’t know how difficult this is. So far, patience seems to pay off. Everything seems to come to those who wait, even if it’s a few years. Over time, technology and competition will make it happen.