• Croix de Coeur just south west of SION in Switzerland. Sion SIO VOR 201 Radial (from), 6.1 DME.

    The first reflective water I’ve seen in mobile, there must be more but Tübingen has kept this quiet. PC FS2 is supposed to have some translucent or similar water in a beach puddle in the Florida scenery but I didn’t see it, it might be in FS4? Original old PC FS has reflective water everywhere.

    Thanks to György in the Facebook Aerofly Fan Group.

    FS2023, iPadOS. 2021 iPad pro 12.9.

    Keep it up please!

  • Here is a closer picture of the puddle near Croix de Coeur. AF 2023 mobile.

    In this picture you can see the double shadow of the helicopter. On the surface of the water and I think on the bottom.

    We noticed this puddle on a video of a Ju-52 landing.

    I later found a similar water in Washington by the White House heliport.

    Then I found out that Switzerland also has a pond next to the parking lot of the Birrfeld airport.

    And this lake is there in AF 2022...

    In AF 2019…

    In fact, even in the very first AF FS, although it does not appear that anything is reflected here yet.

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  • Great. It seems that IPACS is experimenting with stretching what mobile can do, you have an image of reflective water and a relatively complex item of foliage, it’s not quite a tree but the trees and Burg Teck combination is quite impressive.

    The fact that they will not talk about it means surely it must be serious 😎

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  • Can what you showed here be considered a scenario failure? Does it happen on Aerofly 2023 for mobile?

  • It is FS2023 and it is very welcome. Flying over even plain terrain there should be a very obvious difference in light reflecting upwards from any water bodies, it is a fundamental appearance from looking outside in a plane. I would rather see reflective water than sparse buildings and hope it is improved and developed more.

    (I am happy with 2023 scenery changes. There was more urban buildings scenery detail in earlier versions, 2023 seems biased more towards airport buildings. For a flying sim I suppose the airport is more important, I'd like better runway detail, 3D approach lights, real size PAPIs ( ! ), multiple row PAPIs and VASIs for the long big planes, appropriate PAPI and VASI glide path angles (especially Sion, Lugano, London City) and 8o ..... airfield windsocks and signal squares.

    We do see the runways a lot).