Please improve user content accessibility.

  • 1. Importance of User Content

    The development of new content by users is a significant advantage.

    It speeds up development, improves deficiencies, and sometimes provides an experience beyond imagination.

    <a case in point> lighting mod

    The original night was dark and empty. The building lying alone in it creates an awkward appearance. However, as the light of the city center was revealed, it harmonized with the building, and night flights became a merit.

    -. Add Building Mod

    The existing buildings were too poor. It says downtown, but in reality it's just a few sticks that are left alone. However, this mode created a clean landscape.

    2. Please improve user content accessibility.

    However, Android can be applied, but version compatibility is blocked or problems occur in the development process.

    In the case of ios, even this does not support.

    To make it easier to access from Ios,

    Please support custom folders

    Also, please improve the development and access of user content.