Integrated G1000 GPS?

  • Eu vim jogando Xplane mobile que, além de seus terríveis problemas de estabilidade, era excelente. Alguns aviões tinham unidades GPS G1000 em jogo. Isso é possível / futuro para AF em algum momento?

    The Cessna 172, King Air and Baron planes should have at least the G530 GPS, which is more basic equipment. The G1000 must be a lot of work to make, in addition to the fact that the entire panel of these aircraft should be modified to support this model of GPS. For the implementation of the G530 model the panels would also have to be modified but that would be less work. What I think is terrible is that these aircraft only fly by VOR and NDB, which I think is bad because these navigation aids are already out of date and they should all be equipped with the G530 GPS, which is the most basic and simpler than the G1000. In X-Plane mobile, for example, some general aviation planes are equipped with the G530 model and others with the G1000 model.