Just purchased on Steam - No sound

  • Hi all I am new to this forum. Purchased Aerofly FS4 on Steam a few days ago. I have no VR equipment so I play on the regular pc mode. I had no sound and read a lot about the "Q" key to enable sound. This did not work. After a lot of trials, I discovered if I go to Graphics settings to "3D Graphics API" and change from Vulcan to Open GL I have sound. Then if I exit the game I do not have any sound once again. So I need to change the "3D Graphics API" setting from Open GL to Vulcan. In other words I need to change it back to the original setting that did not provide the sound in the first place. So each time I start the game I have to change the settings from Vulcan to OpenGL or vice versa to hear any sound. I am wondering if any one else is having issues playing this game with sound on the pc in NON VR mode. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Mike - St. Louis, MO

  • Hi mglotspeich, have you tried pressing "Q"?

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