Is something wrong with Multiplayer servers?

  • I installed Aerofly RC9 a couple weeks ago. When I viewed the Multiplayer session screen there were quite a few servers with people playing.

    Since then, I see the same four 'default' multiplayer servers listed with zero players. Additionally, if I host a session no one ever joins. Is multiplayer broken in the latest update of RC9?

  • When you host a session you need to make sure that the ports are opened on your PC, on your modem/router and that your ISP servers also allow the port forwarding on their servers. I had to upgrade my contract to a more expensive one and call my internet service provider to be able to host a server.

    TLDR; Just select the scenery and model you want to fly and join an empty session in the list of sessions. Then just wait for others to join, sometimes no one is online, sometimes someone just needs to take the first step.