B737 Flight Control Tips please

  • Hello!

    I should start by saying I'm using FS 2021 version ....

    I'm trying to learn the B737, and I've managed to get autopilot control generally, and following the flightplan with "FMS" mode.

    But I'm unsure about VNAV. Firstly I can't find where to set a cruise altitude ....not on the CDU VNAV page and I couldn't manually adjust the flight level on the Flight Plan pages either ..?

    Is there in fact any automatic descent mode on this aircraft? Or is it just worked out manually and flown by adjusting autopilot settings manually?

    Finally, please how can I tune the Nav radios? I could select the radio on the CDU, but theres no decimal point button that I can see, and its not clear to me where to enter the frequency.

    Thanks to all the experienced Boeing pilots for any tips ! ❤

  • The cruise altitude can be set in the navigation menu in Aerofly FS 2023 but not in earlier versions. When you plan a route and set the aircraft on the departure runway than the cruise altitude is preselected in the autopilot mode control panel. If you use LNAV/VNAV (FMS) it should climb to that altitude and then level off. You can then wind down the selected altitude and it will descent automatically when the top of descent is overflown.

    The radios are set in the pedestal and displayed on the HSI if you change the HSI mode selector to the left of the autopilot MCP to VOR/ILS.

    Per default auto-tuning is performed by the assistance feature, so it should be all set. This may also be only available and fully functional in the latest version.



  • Hey thanks! Looks like you've just sold another aircraft package for FS 2023 😉

    I was trying the 737 in my 2021 app because thats the only pack I haven't got yet.

    Thanks for clarifying that FMS mode will perform the descent (so long as the altitude is dialed down). I'm curious to know how pilots in those days would have known the TOD point? Perhaps with manual calculations and maps? Without a modern navigation display I suppose I'll have to estimate it....

    With the radios I just wanted to tune a VOR and fly to it, and also check the ILS frequency was correct. I could highlight the fields on the CDU Radio page but couldn't get a frequency entered. There doesn't seem to be a decimal point button? But I'll try the radio controls on the pedestal that you mentioned now also.

    Thanks anyway, even in 2021 that cockpit is incredible!