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  • I'm just putting this out there for everyone to share my experience that I am now using and that maybe those who do the same can empathize using just a controller/keyboard/mouse like me now. Since I started using MSFS I have always used a controller/keyboard/mouse cause I felt (and still do) MSFS wasn't worthy or deserves being flown with proper flight controls due to the continuous issues and bugs cropping up all the time since its inception. Now enter IPACS FS4, IMO, has always been worthy of proper flight controls unequivocally. But today I decided to minimalize my flight desk and just go with a game controller/mouse/keyboard. You know what..? I love it. I really enjoy the simplicity it offers as in less desk clutter and I can sit in my chair with my leg crossed over the the other and lean back and feel comfortable flying with the controller, mouse and keyboard close at hand. Now that's not to say the TM flight controls (throttle quadrant/sidestick) aren't an awesome way to fly more realistically with FS4, but because I'm a "casual" flyer and have limited desk space (yes I need gaming desk), I am finding that I now prefer using just a controller like I do for MSFS. Once I acquire a gaming desk, I may or may not, dig out my TM control stuff again and reuse it for FS4, who knows. All I know is right now, I'm enjoying this new found flying simplicity.

    Any others empathize with this...? :) Discuss........................

  • Ya, I'm an avid Radio Control pilot, mainly flying 3D planes and Heli's (Mode 2). I've used RC sims like RC8/9 and Realflight 9.5s for a long time using usb RC controllers. I really like the Spektrum Interlink DX USB controller. It's easy to setup and you can program up to 15 channels with it. I not only use this with all my RC sims for practise, I also with all my flight and racing sims. Takes up a lot less room on my desk than yokes/joysticks/wheels, and with usb, it's always there and ready to go.

    InterLink DX Simulator Controller with USB Plug | Spektrum

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