Simple suggestions in graphics/textures

  • Hello iPacs Team,

    Something that has always caught my attention in Aerofly and that perhaps unconsciously affects our sense of realism in the simulation is the colour of the sky.

    I don't know if it is just my perception, maybe more people notice it, I think the colour is a little pink or a very light blue, when it could be a deeper blue.

    I believe it is a simple change, at least to be tested.

    I also noticed the sun, especially at sunset and sunrise, it has a lot of that ray effect (I'm not talking about lens flare), when it could be more realistic (and more beautiful too) if it had less.

    And I also notice that the cockpit are very clear, even when flying against the sun, the whole cockpit is very visible and could be darker with more contrast (the cockpit itself, not the panels/screens). That would give a more realistic visual impression in my opinion.

    I hope the suggestions be useful and appreciated.

    Have a good weekend and thank you!

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