Instrumental reading on air bus a320

  • why is it that from all the versions aerofly mobile has been releasing they have not made the instrumentals labelings/markings readable on the airbus A320.. as for now. Previous versions they all have been blurry.. the airbus is the easiest to fly in my opinion. Still, I can't fly it because I can't read the instrumental labelling.... the boeing 747 has clear instrumental labeling as so for other planes.. but not the airbus why?? as u guys can see below that the airbus instrumental are far more blury than the Boeing.. im on medium graphics and the the boeing seems readable as compared to the airbus... the moment i put on high graphics the game starts to lag.. so as for my question im asking why cant the airbus a320 instrumental labelings be as clear as the boeng on medium graphics.....

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  • Hey Hello 👋 . What is labeling?

    I think I understand more now ...they are meaning the written labels that describe the instruments or indications, which obviously on mobile are very small. Zooming in helps but if the resolution is lower then they look blurry.

    Perhaps the base imagery of the airbus cockpit was at a lower resolution than the Boeing? Its a pity you can't run the graphics at high because I love the airbus cockpits with all their details.