MS Sidewinder Force feedback 2 controller

  • I'm still using my trusty MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 which has served me well in other flight sims.

    However, I find that in AeroFly FS4 the rudder control is way too sensitive. I have tried to "calm it down" using the joystick's Sensitivity and Deadzone sliders , but they don't seem to have any visible effect. Applying the right amount of right rudder for the tail dragger planes on takeoff seems almost impossible.

    I'd appreciate hearing from other folks using this controller in this sim as to whether or not they are having the same issue,and if so, how they have resolved it.

  • I'm using a different controller but I have a similar experience. In general it would be helpful if the Sim allowed to set different sensitivities (and deadzones) for pitch, roll and yaw instead of providing a single slider for all of them in once.