Boeing Everett factory

  • Toulouse is real eye candy, the mobile view hasn’t quite the same beautiful sparkle as the PC version but the River Garonne just to the east of the airport and Airbus factory (nearest to the plane) makes Toulouse a very attractive airport environment in Aerofly.

    For a very satisfying flight try a route ending with the STAR from the north and one of the 34 ILS procedures. It allows full use of the mobile A320’s four independent FMC fixes to confirm and advise of the legs and turning points in the busy airport arrival.

    The D9 range circle from TOU VOR and the 144 bearing through LASBO confirm the end of the STAR (the inner dotted blue range circle and the dotted blue bearing parallel to the runway direction).

    The TOU D16 range circle on the LASBO 144 outbound bearing advises of the turn onto the TOU D18 DME arc (the outer range circle).

    The TOU 137 radial advises of the turn onto the runway 34 ILS (see the waypoint D136R).

    (I should have added one or two degrees to all the user fixes to compensate for the out of date Aerofly database’s magnetic variation in France, see the 137 radial fix is very near the database fix labelled D136R. If the FMC fix had been entered as TOU 138 (137 plus one) it would have matched the database waypoint).

    Turning onto the D18 DME arc leading onto the turn towards the airport.

    The app plates were from the site.