Confirm that the volume adjustment in aerofly is malfunctioning

  • After several tests, It is confirmed that the volume adjustment failed due to af2023, and the specific reason is unclear, which manifested as the phone's volume button not being able to be called normally in the game. Unable to display the volume bar in the game and adjust the sound size. When this fault occurs, the original volume will be reset to zero and the game will run in a silent state.

    Due to the issue involving the physical volume button, the issue cannot be submitted through screen recording and screenshots

    We checked Aerofly2022, other games, and all mobile applications, and there were no issues with the volume adjustment.


  • I have this problem also, and it started after the recent updates to the app.

    However there is a workaround ... By pulling down the notification shade over the app I can then press the phone volume buttons to make adjustments, and the volume panel appears.

    This is not ideal though, as it interupts the flow of the simulation. I hope this is an issue that the IPACS team can resolve.

    Android 13, Samsung S20FE (4g).