New Aerofly FS 4 Release Now Available!

  • I think this is an older LNAV issue. Seems like, it has to do with these (I)-waypoints, which I had also reported earlier this year:
    Minor LNAV Issue

    Yes it is an older issue. If I remember well, after an update of Aerofly FS 2020, or since SID & STAR. Since, this uncomfortable problem haunts my favorite plane like ghosts captain, stalking me till Aerofly FS 4.

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  • Aerosoft Lukla works for me.

    I have created a version of VNLK Lukla Airport with the AirportCreationTool (VNLKAS), with which the Aerosoft version can be tested :) . Because FS4 unfortunately does not adopt the FS2 orientations, the Aerosoft airfield is rotated clockwise by 30° in FS4. :(

    In order to use Aerosoft-VNLK with the mentioned restriction, I have

    - the folder vnkl_lukla (from Aerosoft)

    -- from FS2 ...places

    -- to FS4 ...airports


    - the folder vnklas (see zip-file)

    -- also to FS4 ...airports


    Nevertheless, it would be good to finally have the SDK to convert the cultivations.


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  • Following the beta comments has been interesting, but nothing it provides is a must have for me. Overall, at this point in time, the future development path of Aerofly FS 4 is totally opaque to me. Big unanswered questions remain for AFFS4:

    1. Will more HD regions be added.

    2. Will more general aviation aircraft be added (including light sport and ultra/micro light and gyrocopter).

    3. Will world wide cultivation be added.

    4. Will trees other than pine trees as well as bushes/cacti be added.

    5. Will GPS (G430, G530, G1000, etc) ever be added to existing IPACS C172, Baron 58, DR 400 aircraft.

    Or will these improvements be left for a future version of AFFS to implement?

    Regardless, I feel like I got my money's worth out of AFFS 4, since I got 130 hours of entertainment so far from it for an expenditure of $62 (USD).

  • Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Changed the title of the thread from “New Aerofly FS 4 Beta Now Available!” to “New Aerofly FS 4 Release Now Available!”.
    • Official Post

    The beta version has been tested and has now become the release version.

    After the automatic update on Steam you can now enjoy the new features:

    • Going back in time from the replay or after a crash
    • New consistent camera view positions across the entire fleet of aircraft
    • New camera categories: cockpit, passenger, external aircraft-fixed, external world-fixed views
    • New helicopter missions
    • Improvements and bug fixes for B737, B747, B777, B787

    To see the full change-log please visit our first blog post for the beta version:

  • I think nothing happens: data(beta channel) = data(normal channel)

    Yes exactly. I couldn’t wait, so I tried.

    The fact, I received an ultimate update of the beta 61Mb. Then I selected: no beta channel. And nothing else happened. It was all cleared

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  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    On Steam, they talk about a version:

    Where as Aerofly about of section talks about a version:

    Before quitting the beta on macOS, I received an ultimate update. No other update in regular channel.

    The other time, on Mac, in the beta, one of the updates was skipped. It looks like on of the latest official releases is skipped too.

    Steam is blurring my mind, so I may be mistaken.

    Best regards — Thanks

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  • Eine Frage: Könnte man statt des fehlenden zweiten Piloten nicht lieber 'ne hübsche Stewardess einbauen?!

    Schöne Arbeitswoche :)


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    Ist das ein auslachen??? :/

    Habe nur eine Frage gestellt,konnte ja nicht wissen..das es nicht erwünscht ist.

    Nein, ich habe das als Witz verstanden. So wie die Frage: Wird S21 mal fertig, ist ja schon 2021 vorbei... oder gibt es schon einen Eröffnungstermin für BER??

    Ich habe es gelesen und wir machen hoffentlich bald ein Update aber ich kann es nicht garantieren.