new update replay system

  • the new replay system isn't really good in terms of usage, you can't tune it to the precise moment by sliding, you can watch what you where doing before crashing, and it's not really that good, it would be better to have the old one with the new function, and the restart after crash slider is just gone ;(

  • Let me talk about the logic of the new playback function.

    1. The progress bar cannot be manually pulled to the specified position. It can only move forward or backward at 5-second intervals, or select fast and slow playback. You cannot accurately locate the required time.I like the slow playback feature, especially when I have a perfect landing, I can enjoy it well

    2. When you select to watch playback for the first time, you need to pull the progress bar back to 0:00, which is an unnecessary step.

    3. When you fully watch the playback, if you want to watch the playback again, when you press the play button, the progress bar should return to the starting point and play again, but the game will exit the playback mode directly. This logic is incorrect.

    If I want to exit the playback function, I need to press the takeoff button, right?

    I think a 5-second interval is reasonable. If you want to see this 23 second photo, you just need to adjust it to 20 seconds and wait for 3 seconds. If you want to see the picture in one minute, you can directly pull the progress bar to the end, and then press the back button 6 times. It will return 30 seconds. At this time, the time is in the 60th second, and the playback time is only 90 seconds. This is easy to adjust. There is another logical issue. If you accidentally cancel the playback function, it will time again and you will need to repeat the previous operation to watch the playback

    I just conducted a test and there is another issue. Sometimes, the playback function only records flight records for 5 seconds, that's right, only 5 seconds,

  • Please describe in more detail what you want to see improved.

    Is the slider too small, so that it's hard to grab? Is the step too coarse, so that you cannot set a precise moment in time?

    After crashing you have three options now to restart, so more options than before.

    The replays doesn’t exactly replay what the plane did. For example it looks like the planes is a robot you can see it move progressively its not fluid. The replay has nothing to do with what you see when not in replay. I know its not clear but take a look by yourself turn the plane and watch the replay you will notice the difference.