V1 call-outs

  • I’ve used multiple sims and there are some that do make V1 an automated call out. Actual airline simulators I don’t remember do though, as V1 speed is always determined on weight and other factors of the aircraft, therefore always calculated differently for different flights. Would be nice to have the code amended so it calls ‘V1’ whenever that speed is reached on the takeoff roll.

  • As I understand it for real world airliners, the takeoff callouts are made by the 'Pilot not flying", who would refer to the speed tape and bugs. Also the "Pilot flying" would be assessing the situation and making a decision about whether to continue or not. Before the V1 callout they would call "takeoff" or " abort". After V1 they would normally continue to takeoff unless theres something really dire that means they might not get into the air.

    My assumption has always been that all these callouts have to be done by the pilots due to the dynamic situation and constant decision monitoring that is going on.

  • I watched at some videos where the V1 callout is said by the plane.

    Plane or copilot, the “100 knots”, “V1” and “ROTATE” callouts could be appended to the simulator.

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  • Having them added would certainly add to the realism, so long as the callouts accurately relected what was set on the PFD speed tape.

    In the end we can all decide if we pretend they come from the plane or our imaginary First Officer.