Aerofly RC 7 working very strangely

  • I use Aerofly RC 7 on a fairly new MAC with an M1 chip. It was downloaded from the Apple App Store. Some really strange things happened like just having a shadow on the ground and no plane to large black curtains coming out of the windmill on desert lands background. Now I can't get any of the helicopters to turn on their engines/motors. I had a version of AroFly on a Mac over ten years ago that worked fine. This one is pretty odd. I'm getting training to fly real RC and I need to practice. I'm pretty terrible right now. My instructor is very patient!



  • Hello Dwight,

    the aeroflyRC7 is from 2011 and runs fine on MacHardware before 2018 and before the M1 and the newer metal graphics driver generation. For Mac with M1 and newer then 2018 the aeroflyRC8 or aeroflyRC9 is recommended. So please contact the AppleSupport how handle this issue individually in the case of an incompatible hard/software. For more infos and an individual aerofly support please contact