Elevation mesh compatible with FS4?

  • Hi,

    I've spotted "British Isles Elevation Mesh 25m" and wondering whether it is compatible with FS4 (or even needed).

    I've not been able to find what the default FS4 mesh resolution is (to see whether 25m is an improvement). If it is, and can be installed, would I place the files in a custom folder in Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator\scenery\elevation? Do default ones need disabling?

    Much appreciated,


  • Tested it out last night:

    scenery\elevation renamed to scenery\__elevation (to disable it)

    Created new scenery\elevation and copied in the contents of GB_Elevation_25m_v1.1\GB_South

    The land wasn't flat, but I could see artifacts off the south coast of Cornwall (near the Lizard point) and missing sea texture.

    BTW I've given a donation to flight-sim.org :)