AF23 and Apple TV.

  • I want to play AF23 on my TV by streaming it with an Apple TV device. Does anyone here do this? I’m wondering if there is any lag or latency? As an Apple TV device is quite expensive. I want to be sure that it will work. Btw. I have an iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

  • It's possible but there's a noticeable delay (image/sound) (iPad > AirPlay > Apple TV) / Aerofly FS mobile is not available as a native Apple TV application)

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  • You are welcome.

    And also, the screen ratio of the iPad is copied on the Apple TV. (Black rectangles to both sides)

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    Aeroflyer of the Airbus A320
    Aerofly FS 4 / No Streaming / MacBook Pro / M1 Pro / Thrustmaster Captain Airbus Edition

  • Raybo

    I’ve just tested it with Aerofly FS 2023 running on iPad Pro M1 streamed via AirPlay to the Apple TV 4K gen 1.

    There’s no delay today (all devices up to date).

    The only weird thing it to control from the iPad and watch at the TV. Going back to the iPad to click here, rotate a button, etc. Finally I stay stuck at the iPad even though the picture of Aerofly is also showing on the TV.

    The screen ratio format of the iPad screen is copied on the Apple TV (16/9), so you have black rectangle to each side.

    With Apple Vision Pro Headset, Aerofly is breathtaking… I’m kidding.

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    Aeroflyer of the Airbus A320
    Aerofly FS 4 / No Streaming / MacBook Pro / M1 Pro / Thrustmaster Captain Airbus Edition

  • Raybo I do 100% of my aerofly flights on a large Samsung TV and an xbox controller with audio as background chatter. (to listen to liveatc you have to have a seperate second device on hand as it will not play in the simulator). I have found the extra screen size makes a difference for me. The advantage of the xbox is you get a cleaner screen with actually no boxes appearing at all. When I press the 2 rear buttons the Views and Copilot box appears but if I press again it disappears, so I get an almost identical screen as I get on a PC connected to my TV, except it keeps the ipad screen format - you get black borders either side, but on a large TV I barely notice it as it is such a large image shown.

    The disadvantage of the xbox is it can be too sensitive for small aircraft thumbstick movement. I mostly fly the 747 now so it is not a problem.

    I originally streamed but have had problems (lag has been an issue) due to my remote location. I am about to go satelite internet (starlink) so I may choose to stream again.

    Since Xmas I am using a USB-C to HDMI cable (available anywhere) from my IPAD PRO M1 and all my lag problems are over. The TV recognises the cable (I do not use airplay) and I get the sim on both the ipad and TV. If I watch movies from the ipad the ipad screen goes black, but not with aerofly. I just plug in a cable now and it works instantly with WIFI on, no screen mirroring or airplay.

    I recommend a cable. For some reason I must have my wifi and internet ON (the ipad) when first connecting but after the cable is recognised I can turn off WIFI and play for hours from ipad to TV without internet or WIFI on. Need to do this WIFI thing everytime I connect.

    Aerofly on a large TV is amazing. Doing some flights around the Canary Islands right now (Dash8 and 747) close to the coastline of Western Sahara - North Africa looks amazing from altitude even without high res satelite scenery. Has become my favourite location for flying. One cool thing about the TV is you can change the picture colour settings. My TV has various picture settings (movie, dynamic, standard etc,..) which changes the sky and ground colours alot. Combining this with the ipad colour filters I get some variations in sky colors.

    Hope this helps. You have to ensure your TV software is up to date to do this. I have downloaded an update twice in 12 months.

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  • I just connected my iPhone XR to my tv with a hdmi cable with an older adapter that I still have for an old iPad. It worked. It looked amazing and it was in widescreen like my iPhone. It looks better than connecting a iPad. I mainly had to use the copilot for adjustments but it was a good experience. So if you have a new iPhone or maybe even an android device. Connect it to your tv and use a Xbox or ps4/5 controller.

    This also good for sitting in the passenger seat. Pressing the co pilot button and just looking out the window. As I sometimes like to do. It’s fun having it on the tv and I can get on with other stuff around the house. I’m loving AF23.

    I’m not sure why the picture is so blue. It looks normal in reality.

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