Landing Airbus with A/THR, xbox Controller

  • I need help. I like flying Airbus, I like flying with sidestick, but IPACS doesn't support it. So I fly with an Xbox controller. It's on the table, I'm not holding it in my hand, so clean flight maneuvers are possible. Except for the manual landing with an Airbus in A/THR mode. Why?

    When the controller is connected, all controls on the screen disappear. Also the thrust lever. Boost is given with the controller's directional pad and it's quite slow. From 0 to 100% in 20 seconds. In A/THR mode, the thrust lever must be set to LEV CLB, which corresponds to about 53% thrust in manual mode. If I pull back the throttle 20 feet above the runway, A/THR off , to reduce the thrust to zero, "Retard", it takes 10 seconds on the controller, by then the Airbus has accelerated again or I pull back the throttle in the virtual cockpit, then I have to let go of the controller and no longer see where I'm flying to.

    Is there any other way to quickly pull the throttle from A/THR "LEV CLB" to zero "Retard"? Or can you program something like that for the controller?

  • I completely forgot to use a controller with Aerofly mobile, because you can't assign keys.

    However, I quite prefer using the mobile version without controller. Because it is possible to set the control to Analog instead of Tilt, and you can set it to Auto Center. This way, it behaves like an Airbus Sidestick. Aerofly mobile is the only on mobile to make Airbuses act like Airbuses.

    In the other hand, you have controls on screen.

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