• You might want to stop flogging this dead horse😁

    Here's why... There are very few of us developing aircraft for AF4 outside IPACS and a project of this magnitude is just too much to take on for most private individuals. That leaves commercial developers and most of those already know they wouldn't sell enough to make it viable commercially. That leaves IPACS. They might well decide to do one but they're not going to tell you until it's nearly ready to go out the door, and seeing as they've told us about the 737 max it's seems unlikely it that's going to happen any time soon. Sorry that's just the reality.

    It is a very cool plane though. There are two other options... You could learn how to develop yourself and spend every spare waking hour, working on it for next two years. Or if your into X plane you could buy the flight factor model and try that.

    KR Matt

  • In my opinion the least problem Aerofly has is the amount of planes. That's why I'd prefere to rather tweak the old ones - like in the last update - and add other new features like (more immersive) headshake, variable winds and so on...